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    Kepler is a versatile Discord bot with over 200 commands that can handle tasks ranging from moderation and administration to utility and configs.

    Kepler is a multi-purpose Discord bot designed to help communities manage and enhance their Discord servers. With a wide range of features, Kepler is a great addition to any server looking to improve communication, moderation, and user engagement.

    Application: Kepler's application feature allows server owners to create and manage a custom application process for their community. This can help streamline the onboarding process for new members and ensure that everyone who joins is a good fit for the server.

    AutoMod: Kepler's AutoMod feature can help keep your server safe and clean by automatically moderating messages and filtering out spam, links, and other unwanted content.

    AutoSupport: Kepler's AutoSupport feature can provide helpful information and resources to users who need assistance, without the need for human intervention.

    Giveaway: Kepler's giveaway feature can help increase user engagement by running automated giveaways with customizable settings and prize options.

    Invite Tracking: Kepler's invite tracking feature can help server owners monitor who is inviting new members to the server, and how many people they are inviting.

    JTC: Kepler's JTC (Join To Create) feature can allow users to create their own private voice channels within the server, making it easier for small groups to collaborate and communicate.

    Leveling: Kepler's leveling feature can help incentivize user engagement by rewarding users with experience points and levels based on their activity in the server.

    Logging: Kepler's logging feature can help server owners keep track of important events, such as member joins and leaves, message edits and deletions, and more.

    Custom Commands: Kepler's custom commands feature allows server owners to create their own custom commands that can be used by members to retrieve information or perform actions within the server.

    Reaction Roles: Kepler's reaction roles feature allows server owners to set up custom roles that members can assign to themselves by reacting to a message.

    Security: Kepler's security feature helps keep your server safe by automatically monitoring for suspicious activity and alerting server owners when something is amiss.

    Server Stats: Kepler's server stats feature provides useful information about your server, such as member count, message count, and more.

    Suggestion: Kepler's suggestion feature allows members to submit suggestions for improvements or changes to the server, which can help improve user satisfaction and engagement.

    Ticket: Kepler's ticket feature can help users easily request assistance or report issues to server staff, without the need for public discussion.

    Utility: Kepler's utility feature provides a wide range of helpful tools and resources, such as weather forecasts, time zone conversions, and more.

    Welcome: Kepler's welcome feature can help make new members feel welcome and included by automatically greeting them when they join the server.


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