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    Engage with leaderboards, starboards, and welcoming atmosphere. Dive into anime discussions, enjoy free /image AI and unleash the power of Text-To-Spe

    • Custom welcomer/greeter
      Select from over 9+ options to greet members, for free!
    • Custom byer
      Select from over 4+ options to say good bye!
    • Starboard
      Chose from over 10+ options to create your own starboard!
    • Captcha verification
      Verify members with a captcha, to prevent raids! (open preview)
    • /rank cards and /leaderboard
      Create your own rank cards with custom backgrounds and colors for free! (open preview)
    • Message, Voice & Invite tracking
      Track your members activity with style (open preview)
    • Text to Speech, Chat to Speech, TTS
      40+ custom voices, 8+ languages (watch tutorial)
    • Free AI /image generation
      40+ SD and 10+ amazing SDXL models (view example prompts)
    • Free /anime command
      View waifus, nekos and many more types of anime characters directly in Discord
    • Image moderation
      Automatically moderate images in your server for free
    • Custom Commands / Tags
      Create your own custom commands for free to easily answer repetitive questions
    • Amazing Dashboard
      Manage your servers and profile with ease online!

    🚀 Quick setup

    1. Invite Wamellow to your server.
      Select the server you want to add Wamellow to and click “Authorize”.
    2. (TTS) Speak with /tts voice in any voice channel.
      Just run the "/tts voice" command in Discord to speak in any VC.
    3. (TTS) You can create a new channel to use Text to Speech in.
      Don’t forget to also enable the Text to Speech in that channel on the dashboard.
    4. (TTS) Change the language and voice on your profile.
      You can change the default language and voice on our website or with the "/tts set speaker" command inside of Discord.
    5. (AI) Use the /image command in discord
      When you run the command for the first time, you will be prompted a tutorial.
      You can view example /image's on our website.
    6. (Optional) Something not working right?
      If you need help, join the Community Server.

    🔊 Text to Speech

    It's crucial for people with speech impairments. It ensures inclusivity and allows everyone to participate fully, promoting accessibility and community engagement. ❤️

    You can either generate files using /tts file, talk in voice chats with /tts voice or setup a dedicated channel! Great for people with aphonia, dysphonia, or other speech impairments. (like me)

    Supporting English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese, Korean.

    /tts examples

    ❤️ Free /image AI

    Summon the enchantment of AI-generated images to your Discord server with our versatile /image command, featuring over 40 distinct custom models. Elevate your server to a haven for unique and dynamic AI-generated images, ensuring a delightful experience for all enthusiasts of the digital arts.

    Like if you want to - for example - generate a anime girl with some properties, you can use: /image query: anime girl, purple hairs, small, close up, night, bloom

    /image ai examples


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