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You can do A LOT with this Bot, from moderation, admin, currency, fun and more. This bot will optimize your server

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Cansy Bot

By ! Kalashi#3413

Cansy is a fully customizable discord bot with over 140 commands. It does not have any paid commands, or anything that is related to money!

First, for fun commands, The bot has many cool commands that can boost up your discord Server, from fact commands, animal commands, hangman and tictactoe commands, and much more! We even have a docs page you can find right here

Cansy was made by one single developper. I've always wanted to build a bot like Cansy , as what I always always aim to build something Unique. I decided to start building the bot during quarantine of 2020. You can support me by inviting the bot!



Verification System
Welcome & Leave Message
Add role & Auto Role & Remove role
Advanced Warning System
Unlock & Unlock Channel
Advanced Logging System
Total Moderation Commands: 16


Fact Commands
Image Commands
Meme Commands
Game Commands like hangman and tictactoe, rps, trivia, slots and many more
Many other Commands to troll your friends
Fun + Image + Games Commands: 30


beg, search, use commands
Collect daily, weekly, monthly rewards
Rob your friends
Advanced Warning System
Buy, bet money, and upgrade

Total Currency Commands: 25


Check server / user avatar
display user's emojis
display role info, channek info, and user information
Total Information Commands: 18


Thank a user
Create a ticket
Check Tiktok Stats
Remind, and afk commands
suggestion, poll, and snipe commands
Total Utility Commands: 17

Music & Giveaways

Very Soon!

Other - Important

Change Default Prefix
Disable a full category
Disable Commands
Disable Mentions

Read more about every command with c!help [command]


I've worked so hard on that bot, and the most challenging was doing everything alone. I built everything from the website, from commands alone. This bot has 141 Commands Please give it a try!

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