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Null is the best discord bot, period. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!

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# Null the discord bot

Do you need an all-in-one discord bot with Music, Moderation, Leveling, and more? Well, then Null is the right bot for you! Null has the best features, with at least one command added each week, and the best part is that it's free! If you are not convinced yet, look down below for a more detailed description per feature.

# Dashboard
I am currently working on the dashboard. I will share some leaks and ask for your opinions on the support server; if you want to be a part of that, you can join by [clicking here!](

# Music
Null has the best free music system that supports all the popular platforms like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud & more!  Null also has **FREE** custom playlists which are currently in beta mode for now. If you want a music feature, you can ask for the feature to be added to my support server by clicking here. (Audio effects coming soon)

# Leveling
Keep your server active with Null's leveling system and let users compete to get the highest XP for bragging rights! To enable the leveling system, type `n!enablelvl` and disable it. Type `n!disablelvl`!

# Moderation
Keep your server in check with Null's moderation system! If a member being annoying, you can mute him! Is he breaking the rules? Kick him! 

# Support 
Is Null working like it's supposed to, or You need us to teach you how to use null? Well, don't worry, my little pogchamp, I got you! [Join our discord server!](

# Not convinced?
[Join our discord server to tell the developer what you want to see in Null!](


#### How to use Spotify with Null?
Use the play command with the Spotify URL 
**For Example:** n!play

#### Why are playlists, are not working?
Playlists are currently in beta mode, and they need more work, so if they don't work, please join our support server!

#### Do you guys have a dashboard
Yes, we do! The design is horrible right now, but we are currently working on a new redesign. You can find our dashboard [here.](

#### Why is NUll so good, man?
IDK, man, it just is                 

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