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wintr is a multipurpose client with over 240+ command's & easy to use

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Why wintr? Wintr supports over (90+) discord servers & is useful for any type of work such as

Welcomer Moderation Utility Last.Fm Music Filter Server Anti Alt Misc Roles & More \

Wintr is mostly supportive in moderation command’s, once a moderation command is ran it is briefly explained and is showed how to be used.

You can use wintr to manage your server in any way thxz for choosing wintr (

To learn how to work and use wintr you can get started by using the default prefix (",") as an comma or you could change the prefix with the command [ setprefix (newprefix) ]

Wintr is a multipurpose bot with over 240 command’s and a website to take you threw those command’s which you can access at

If you ever have questions about wintr you could shout it out in the dm’s of council#0002 (814564335359229972)

You can get access to wintr bot’s docs (currently in progress) at

Command Count: (227) Aliases Count: (294)

Bot Statistics (July 17, 2021) - 96 Public Servers, 117,462 Public users Python 3.8, Discord.js 12.5.3 2893 Cpu Speed, 12 Cores

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